10 Ways to Love Mornings

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I’d be lying if I said that every now and then I didn’t hit snooze a trillion times and refuse to leave my bed before 11 AM.

But I’d also be lying if I said that I haven’t learned to love mornings, and I feel SO much better when I wake up early.

Morning is genuinely my favorite time of the day and it has been for over a year now. There is nothing I love more than waking up to the sun, before the rest of the world it seems, and having some fresh coffee.

There are thousands of posts out there about how to become a morning person. Why is that?

Because lots of people want to enjoy mornings. They want to enjoy waking up early. They want to use those extra hours in the morning.

The key to making this happen is to enjoy it! That’s the simple answer.

How can you enjoy waking up? How can you enjoy mornings a little more and eventually learn to love them?

Here’s how you can manage to look forward to your mornings and make it your favorite time of day!

  • Waking up early automatically makes you feel productive.

I’m sure there has been a day sometime in your past where you actually managed to wake up early and get a head start on your day. Wasn’t it the best feeling ever?! Didn’t you feel like you were doing something super right? Haha.

There’s something about getting up earlier that makes us just automatically feel like we’ve accomplished something. And if you’re goal is to become a morning person, then you really did! Yay!

There is something about waking up early that just feels so encouraging and inspires you to be productive for the rest of the day. You’ve already started the day on an awesome note! Now keep going!

  • It’s quiet. The earth seems the most fresh in the morning.

Probably because it is.

The sun is freshly up, the birds are freshly awake and singing, other people are just waking up and feeling fresh as well. Everything just feels fresh, and it’s a relaxing feeling.

Allow yourself to soak in how the morning feels after you’ve stretched and have woken up a bit. You’ll feel so at peace after sitting in the quiet with the sun shining through the windows.

  • Put on something cozy and pretty. You’ll feel on top of the world.

Put on something fresh in the morning, whether that be your outfit for the day or a nice comfy robe to make yourself feel good.

I am wearing this robe and this nightdress from UK Lingerie. I love wearing this in the morning because it’s super soft and lightweight, it’s so comfortable and refreshing to wear in the mornings! Not to mention, the detailing on the set is BEAUTIFUL and it makes me feel super motivated to take on the day.

Check out some other pieces from the brand I’m wearing here!

  • Have a healthy breakfast. It’ll set you up for a healthy day.

Always, always eat something healthy in the morning because it will give you lasting energy and make you feel so much better than you would otherwise!

Food is fuel! Fuel your body!

My favorite thing to make in the morning is a berry smoothie. It’s super simple, and the sweetness wakes me up and makes me feel like I’m having a treat in the morning!

If you have a healthy breakfast, it will also motivate you to have healthy meals throughout the day, too. 

To make this smoothie, I just put in a couple of ice cubes, about 1 cup of almond milk, ¼ cup of kale, and about a cup of berries! I usually just eyeball it and throw in whatever I feel like that morning.

I will usually also add chia seeds too because they are great for digestion, but I forgot to in this smoothie.

  • An hour or two after you wake up is the best time to have caffeine.

Waking up early helps me justify my caffeine addiction, I’m not gonna lie.

If I drink my coffee in the morning, the caffeine should be completely out of my system by 6 PM so that I will have no problem falling asleep that night. I try not to drink any caffeine past 2 PM, but I usually stop around 12 PM and I have really noticed a difference in my sleep!

However, you should also try to wait at least an hour in the morning before drinking coffee because your body really doesn’t need the caffeine right when it wakes up. It just got a full night’s rest, it doesn’t need help being awake!

So, I recommend waking up early so that you can get your caffeine fix in at the perfect time of day (sometime between 10 AM and 2 PM), to give your body time to wake itself up and also get rid of the caffeine before it’s time to wind down for the night.

Coffee is, honestly, my FAVORITE part of the morning. This is pretty much the real reason I don’t have a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning, haha.

  • Enjoy the quiet of the morning by doing something you enjoy.

The early hours are when the world is at its quietest.

Enjoy the quiet time by doing something relaxing that you love – yoga, reading, meditating, studying, putting on makeup – because being able to fit in something you love before you’re exhausted from the day is the best feeling!

Also, if you have a busy day ahead, you can know that you at least got some time to yourself already today. That will make the rest of the day a little less stressful!

I like to try to fit in time to read my novel in the morning on my cute lil’ couch with my coffee. It’s nice and quiet, the sun is shining, and I’m super comfy. It puts me in the best mood to start the day.

  • Plan for the day. You’ll feel ultra productive and motivated.

What I like to do is make my to-do list the night before, and then spend the morning mapping out how I’m actually going to get everything on the list done.

I think that doing this in the morning is the best because you have the most energy then, and it’s a lot easier to get motivated when you have a lot of energy! It’s also super inspiring to do this right after you’ve sat and enjoyed the morning doing something really relaxing, because your mind feels fresh and you feel much more prepared to get some work done.

  • Enjoy natural light.

If you have a lot of windows, USE THEM!

Natural light is the most refreshing thing in the world, I swear. It’s also free and generally better than any lightbulb. Enjoy the morning light!

Sunlight is proven to help your body naturally wake up, so you’ll feel more energized if you let the sun in too!

  • Waking up early means you don’t have to rush.

Not only will you have time to do the things that you enjoy doing, but you naturally won’t be in a rush to get out the door since you’re already up!

There is honestly nothing worse than waking up and feeling immediately stressed because you need to hurry and get ready to be somewhere. Our bodies love having time to wake up, and our minds seem to like it a lot too. Waking up early will guarantee a relaxed start to your morning, and you can get to wherever you need to be in plenty of time.

  • If you stick with it, you’ll notice the difference in your day.

Don’t be discouraged if the very first day you start to wake up early, you are tired AF for a lot of the day. Hopefully you feel more motivated throughout the day, but physically, you just might not be caught up yet.

But don’t give up!

Your body needs time to adjust. Within a week you’ll start to notice how great you feel during the day because you’re not hitting snooze and you’re allowing yourself time to relax in the morning.

You’ll probably also find that you’re getting a lot more done during the course of your day! Because you have more energy, you’ll be able to work harder during the day, or you might even start to get some work done in the morning as well.

Just remember to give your body a chance to adjust!

I really love getting to enjoy the morning hours and having the time to mentally prepare myself for the rest of the day. I find that it makes me feel so much less stressed and I can get a lot more done!

I want to thank UK Lingerie for sponsoring this post – check out their website here if you’re interested in some super cute nightwear!

Now, time to make some lemon tea and snuggle up with my book before bed so that I’m not hitting snooze tomorrow morning, haha.

I hope this helped to give you some motivation to start your mornings off right – I promise you won’t regret getting into the habit of waking up early!

Now, for that lemon tea…

See you next Monday!

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