My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions!

Hello guys!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday and can enjoy the winter weather if you are in a region that actually gets cold (if you are, I stand in solidarity with you). As promised, I am here today with my New Year’s Resolutions and how I plan on achieving them, according to my previous post on how to make actionable resolutions! If you haven’t seen that post yet, you can read it right here before or after reading this post!

I’m looking forward to the new year mostly because I’m starting my new internship as a collections assistant at a history center near my university! I’ll also be starting a new semester with classes I plan on enjoying, and since I’ve been going strong with healthier eating habits and doing yoga daily, I think it’s about to be a good year! Hopefully with the help of a plan to follow through on my resolutions, it will be a productive, successful, and enjoyable 2017.


Something I failed pretty miserably at in 2016 was being a consistent blogger on Anthropolojay. This is something I’ve wanted to improve for a long time, and am finally feeling the discipline for and preparing to fix! Before my semester starts (since school is my biggest butt-kicker when it comes to consistent blogging), I am going to write time into my school schedule specifically for working on my blog, so that it actually becomes a set part of daily/weekly life.

I want to spend less time watching YouTube videos and browsing Pinterest, and more time putting my blog into action so that I can become active myself on those platforms! Something I spent a lot of time doing in 2016 was using these websites for inspiration, but I would spend so much time ~getting inspired~ that I would never actually get to work. I’m going to limit my time indulging next year and be more focused on producing my own content.


This one is a scary thing for me to put out there because my blog is going to need a lot of work and improvement before I can make this happen. I am 1000% still a novice blogger. As of now, I don’t really plan on ever becoming a full-time blogger but I would really like to try my hand at becoming a part-time blogger!

In order to do this, I need to be more active within the blogging community and interact more with my readers as well! This is still something I’m learning to do. I don’t have a specific game plan for this yet, but I know I’d like to be more active on platforms such as Bloglovin’ (you can follow me here) and Twitter (and follow me here). I also want to reach out for guest post opportunities and invite others to guest post for me, and create freebies for my readers.

I have absolutely no idea how far I can go with monetization during 2017 but I have always wanted to see where I COULD go with it, and treat my blog like a business.


If you didn’t already know, I am working on minor in Japanese! The problem is, while I study well enough to pass quizzes and tests, I don’t retain what I learn well enough to actually be able to read, write, and speak Japanese as well as I should. This has been a frustrating cycle for me every semester! Something I’d like to work on before the new semester begins is to create a study plan that I can use consistently that is realistic with my schedule, but also actually helps.


I know that for many of you this seems like nothing – BUT five is definitely a lot more than my ZERO of 2016! I tend to like fantasy books of a series, so I think the easiest way for me to achieve this would be to find a book series I can spend the year reading, and I will probably have most or all of my books lined up for the year! Wa-la!

Side note- something I did start doing toward the end of this last semester (although have not done it at home since I’ve been back for the holidays) was reading a novel on my little apartment couch before bedtime, with a cup of decaf tea. This was such an enjoyable and relaxing way to end my night! So, knowing how much I enjoyed this half-hour to an hour every night, I think I can definitely read five books in 2017.


This resolution might be worded a little awkwardly, but I am SUCH a novice of exercise. I about die if I try a difficult yoga or pilates video and it is so discouraging for me. My goal in 2017 is to be able to do these more challenging videos without feeling like I’m going to vomit! 😀

I plan on getting to this point by SLOWLY working my way up there. With this, I need to learn patience. Which is tough for me. But, like all of my other resolutions, this will take time and I need to trust the process!


I have been itching to leave the country for some time now; however if I can’t afford to travel that far, I would at least like to leave the Midwestern USA for a little while. In January of 2016 I finally saw NYC and I haven’t left the Midwest since! I am thinking somewhere in the western United States if not outside of the country.

Thankfully, I have had money to travel saved up for some time, but putting those plans into action has been a series of stressful and failed attempts. This year I’d like to get organized with my finances and plans FAST so that I can book a trip and feel prepared with wherever I head to.

I’m hoping that by posting these resolutions for the world to see, I can keep myself more accountable to stay focused on them. I hope that maybe these gave you some inspiration for your own resolutions as well!

Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are or if you have any of the same resolutions as me! I’d love for us to be able to bounce ideas off of each other to make 2017 an awesome year.

Godspeed! -Jaycee

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  1. December 31, 2016 / 6:16 pm

    I definitely feel you on spending so much time “getting inspired” but never actually doing anything! I have that same resolution for the blog as well! Good luck to you on all your resolutions and happy new year!!

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