Hello! I’m Jaycee. This is my blog.

I live in the midwest in a cute little apartment on my campus. I’m shooting for a Bachelor’s in Archaeology (one more year!) and hoping to head to graduate school for Museum Studies afterwards. I also study the Japanese language. My mindset for school is studying what you love and only what you love; that is why my mixture of archaeology and Japanese seems a bit random. But otherwise, what’s the point?

I blog for fun because I’m obsessed with reading blogs and I thought I’d give it a go. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Youtube. Other than that, you can probably find me doing homework or yoga, or drinking coffee. Actually, I am probably drinking coffee during all of these activities.

My goal for this blog is primarily to be an outlet for myself, that might be helpful for other people or a fun little read. I like blogs, so I wanted to make something for other people who like blogs.

I hope you enjoy my blog, or get something useful out of it. If you have any suggestions, questions, etc., or would like to swap guest posts, be friends, etc., go ahead and shoot me an email at anthrojaycee@gmail.com.

I hope you are having an awesome day full of coffee and puppies. Unless you’re a tea person and are allergic to puppies. Then I hope you have a good day without those things.

Happy blogging!