1. Oh, you reminded me of college years, they seem so far away now….
    I can see you’re very organized girl and very well grounded. I wasn’t that way back in college, neither I could benefit from so many good advises I find now on internet.

    I agree that drinking water in the morning must be the first thing to do, I kind of forgot that lately, thanks for reminding me. My morning routine includes also watching news on TV, I like to be aware of what’s happening in the world. And I guess I like to hear some noise while taking shower and get dressed.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful morning routine! When I used to wake up at 4:00AM to get to work, I had two cups of strong black coffee & washed my face with cold water haha 😀 It was horrendeous.

  3. I get up at 545am most mornings for work which is nearly 2 hours before I leave as I hate feeling rushed first thing. The water is a very good tip as I don’t drink nearly enough water as I should do I think I will start off with this one. Really good tips, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Anthropolojay

      Thank you!! 🙂 Yes, drinking water first thing is super important and I don’t think I realized that until I tried it! I’ve definitely noticed a difference!

  4. These are great tips – I’m useless in the morning before standing in the shower half asleep for 20 minutes and having a really strong coffee. And you’re right, drinking water in the morning (and all day) is super important.
    Katja xxx

    • Anthropolojay

      Hahaha, I totally understand. I can’t shower in the mornings though, that is pushing the effort for me haha!

  5. I always drink water in the morning. That’s so important! Next to that I like to sleep a minimum of 8 hours but I won’t make it every night. Then again in the weekend it can be 9 or 10 hours 🙂

  6. I definitely had no morning routine during my studies. I would wakeup just in time to quickly shower, dress decently and pass by the cafeteria for a coffee and then head to class. not the most relaxed routine haha

    • Anthropolojay

      Thanks Abby! 🙂 Yes! Lately I’ve been drinking hot lemon water in the morning – definitely not to everyone’s taste, but I love it! Haha.

  7. This is so inspiring and I’ve definitely taken something away from this, so thank you! Also, I’m impressed that you only snooze your alarm twice, I do about six times looool.

    Christie | christielouize.co.uk x

  8. Hmm drinking water in the morning!! I need to start doing that while getting ready. I really enjoyed this post, also the part of doing something productive & fun before class seems like a great idea as well! I never thought of that! 🙂 Lovely post Jaycee 😍

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