7 Things To Do Before a New Semester

Whether you’re going back to school this fall, starting a new project, or just looking to refresh your schedule, getting organized will help you to kick-start the new season and feel ready to take on the world.

Well, at least that’s what organizing does for me.

I love organizing. And I especially love it right before the school year.

I move back to my college apartment in less than two weeks! I’m one of those lucky people who actually enjoys school, so I’m really looking forward to moving back! The new semester also gives me an excuse to buy a whole bunch of new stationary, desk décor, and books. So that’s always a plus.

With school starting pretty soon, I wanted to share some ways that I like to get organized and get my shit together before I jump back into classes.

I think that no matter what you’ll be doing this fall, these tips might help you out too!


Get my sleep schedule back on track. During the summer months when I am home with my family, I start going to bed later and waking up later. I’m really not a night owl, so this really throws off my energy levels and makes me completely unproductive and lazy. Since I’m two weeks out from moving back, it’s a good time to practice getting to sleep earlier and waking up earlier! I’d like to start waking up at 6 during the school year, so right now I am making myself wake up around 9. I’ll push it back to 8:30 in a couple of days until eventually I’m getting up at 6 – this way I can ease myself back into the habit instead of forcing my body awake when it’s really not used to getting up.

Buy a planner. This a necessity for me to get anything done, ever. I am one of those stationary geeks who will spend HOURS researching the perfect planner, but I decided to go pretty simple this year. You’ll see the one I bought in a future post.

Completely unpack and decorate my apartment. This way, it’s not dwelling over me throughout the semester. Last year, my roommate and I kept swearing up and down that someday we would decorate the place and, by the end of the year, our walls were still bare. Not a huge deal, but having decoration you like can be really motivating when you have to get work done in your own space.

Look to see if any of my classes have posted any sort of schedule or syllabus. This way the workload of any given class doesn’t come as a complete rude awakening once it’s too late to prepare. I usually don’t do anything else with this information (such as read ahead or study); I just like to get a feel for how much time the class is going to take up and what the homework genre will generally be. This way I’m mentally prepared when the work actually comes.

Make a weekly schedule that I can loosely follow throughout the semester. Here’s a post on how I make this schedule so that I cover all of my bases from classes, work, homework, and exercise!

Create some goals. My goals usually include committing to working out during the semester and only spending so much money on coffee. This semester, my goal is to switch to decaf coffee except on occasion! I also want to make time to read this semester, so my goal is to read at least two books. This is a perfectly realistic goal, because two books wouldn’t take THAT much time – as opposed to if my goal was ten books this semester, which would be great but not realistic for how much time I am willing to commit. Having goals will put you in a productive mindset and give you purpose when you head back to classes, beyond just making sure you study and do your homework.

Make some plans with friends. One of the reasons I love back-to-school season is because most of my friends still live on campus during the summer, so I don’t get to see them! I’m excited to come back and hang out with them, and we’ve already made plans for our first weekend after classes start – I think this also helps to remind you that once school starts, you don’t have to switch off the rest of your life for homework! It gives you something else to look forward to.

If you’re going back to school this fall, I really hope you’re not DREADING it as much as some people do. Hopefully you have something to get excited about! This is probably my favorite time of the year, to be honest – I love goal setting and stationary and the excitement of learning something new, so naturally I’m feeling pretty pumped.

Let me know in the comments one thing you are looking forward to in the fall!

Whether that be something you’re starting to do or just the general feeling of fall – big scarves, orange leaves, pumpkin spice lattes…

Oh, God. I’ve reminded myself pumpkin spice is coming back. If you have absolutely nothing else to look forward to, just keep reminding yourself of this blessing.

Don’t forget to check out my post on scheduling your weeks for a super productive semester!

*Also, here is last year’s post on getting ready for school to start.

I’ll talk to you all very soon.


  1. August 6, 2017 / 2:05 pm

    Loved this post! I completely agree with you about everything! I always look at my time table and classes beforehand but I never do any work haha. I’m also so excited for all my friends to come back once Uni starts again, I live in my student house alone over summer and I can’t wait to see everyone again. Hope you have an amazing year x

    Jade | http://jadescreativeramblings.blogspot.com

    • Anthropolojay
      August 6, 2017 / 11:41 pm

      Oooh that’s exciting! I’ve never been on that side – staying on campus while everyone else leaves, haha. I’m always in the crowd that leaves. Thanks Jade, I hope you have a great year too!! 🙂

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